Sunday, December 12, 2010

Saturday-Sunday: TRON

Well, I figure I probably have a better chance at understanding TRON: Legacy if I go back and see the original TRON first. As a matter of fact, in the spirit of the films, I decided to watch it on a poor quality upload from YouTube. TRON follows expert computer programmer Kevin Flynn as he is digitized into the world of an evil computer set on world domination. Sound a little bit corny and delusional? That's because it is. After all the raving and whatnot about this film from so many people in my family, I arrive on the conclusion that TRON actually sucks quite a bit. The most humble of apologies to the great Jeff Bridges.

I'm not going to start to blame it all on the visual effects, because even though they are obviously crude and clunky for our age, they were considered high tech at the time. That's not to say I wasn't repulsed by them, because I was. There wouldn't be much of a reason for an HD copy of this film, because there isn't much to enhance. The action at the level of Spy Kids, there is little to nothing emotionally pushing these characters. I understand that Kevin Flynn was kind of a Han Solo type at the time, but I just didn't connect with anything. I'll definitely end up seeing TRON: Legacy when it comes out, but I can only hope it exceeds this.


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