Sunday, October 25, 2009

Amelia's Oscar Potential crashes into the Pacific Ocean forever

Any hope or dreams the Amelia ever had of winning (or even being nominated) for an Oscar disappeared this weekend when it arrived to horrible reviews. Critics say that the only mildly good part of the film was Hillary Swank's performance which can usually lift up any film. Unfortunately there is too much boring, meaningless time wasting going on for it to merit the price of an admission ticket.

Michael Jackson's This is it: Born to Dissappoint?

I can't be the only one who thinks that Michael Jackson's concert flick won't be all that everybody's expecting it to be. We can't yet tell if it will be a glourious close to his life or just another failed attempt at restarting his career. The audience that the film will attract will be huge for the opening week based on the gargantuan hype and the MJ fanbase, but if it turns out to not be as good as many are expecting, I can't see it making too much money with a two week engagement.

What do you think? Will MJ's final performance prove defining, or will you walk out asking "Is that it?"

Empty September

September was a month I would rather forget for it's lack of good movies. There really isn't any real Oscar potential from that month.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Oscar potential for the films of August 2009

Julie and Julia- It's a Meryl Streep film. It qualifies for Oscar on that alone. What more do you want?

Long Shots: Stanley Tucci for Supporting Actor, Amy Adams for Supporting Actress, Adapted Screenplay, Picture

Best Bets: Meryl Streep for Actress

District 9- This film came completely out of left field (left field being Comic Con) and caught a huge audience considering how low profile it was up until a few weeks before the release. The critics absolutely adored it, considering it a possible nominee for best picture. That died quickly, but the praise still stands leaving the overhanging presence of it in the Oscar race.

Long Shots: Film Editing, Visual Effects, Sound Mixing, Sharlto Copley for Actor, Original Screenplay, Director Neil Blomkamp

Possibilities: Makeup, Picture

Ponyo- Hayao Miyazaki's scratchless track record continues with this simple and kid friendly film that still delivers the goods to Miyazaki fans. While being light and fanciful, this film keeps with the theme of none of the characters being truly good or truly evil, but still human and flawed.

Best Bets: Animated Feature

Inglourious Basterds- This was really the last big hit of the summer. Expectations were lowered after less than great reception from Cannes. Considerable change to the film has obviously been since then since the final product is freakin' awesome. With some great performances, and expert as usual scripting and directing by Quentin Tarantino, this film is bound to be at least an outside player this Oscar season.

Best Bets: Christoph Waltz (Best Supporting Actor)
Possibles: Picture, Melanie Laurent (Best Supporting Actress), Director, Original Screenplay, Costume Design, Film Editing