Saturday, January 28, 2012

Films to See in 2012: February

How did we get slammed with practically nothing for two months in a row? I mean, I'm sure that the media glut is going to be happy with the films coming out in February, and those of us who ask for something more will probably be busy indulging in the films heading for Oscar. Myself, I'm very easily bored and I kind of expected that the world would finally be able to keep me entertained. Not so. Second month in a row where I can't satisfy you with three films I'd suggest. First weekend, you get a movie about whales, as if we didn't have enough of those already. I was fine after "The Cove", which actually meant something. "Big Miracle" does not, beyond the inexplicable drive for audiences to see a movie about nature.

There's also the mockumentary superhero film, "Chronicle", which is just another mark crossed off on the we-haven't-done-a-found-footage-film-about-this list. Cap it off with "The Woman in Black", which is only mildly relevant as it's Daniel Radcliffe's first role outside "Harry Potter". Let's see how quickly he fades. Heading into the following week, we have the action-nothing "Safe House", the pointless romance "The Vow", 3D jizz-fest "Journey 2: The Mysterious Island", and the 3D re-release of "The Phantom Menace". Is anybody else already deeply pissed off that we're given a trilogy of some of the worst films ever made before we get to the original trilogy?

The following weekend brings us around to the long in the making yet completely unnecessary "Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance", the weirdly plotted and horribly titled spy-comedy "This Means War", and the tentatively promising Studio Ghibli animation "The Secret World of Arrietty". Although I must admit, I'd still much rather see the British version, which I may very well be able to see. And then we close out the month in the smallest of ways possible with whatever "Act of Valor" is, idiotic suspense-thriller "Gone", Tyler Perry's "Good Deeds", and the comedy "Wanderlust" which is again wasting Paul Rudd's and Jennifer Aniston's talents. And that concludes the month, and then we're right on into March. To be frank, I'd rather just skip all this and get straight to March.


  1. The "3D jizz-fest "Journey 2: The Mysterious Island", that made me laugh XD.

    Anyway, the only films I'm interested in are "The Woman in Black" bacause I loved the play the novel is based on so I'm wondering if the film can do anything different, and Chronicle, because, although its another found footage movie, it does look different from most of the other superhero movies we've been seeing. It looks like a popcorn version of Unbreakable.

  2. PS, how exactly will you be able to see the British version?

    and is there anything special coming out in March?

    the only thing at the top of my head is the Clash of the Titans sequel (why?) and The Hunger Games, which is being pimped by all the pop culture sites I go to even though the book was one of the most nauseating things I've ever laid eyes on.

  3. Not sure how I'll come across the British version, but I'd rather not see it if I can't see it right.

    As for March, I've already got my piece for then written out a month in advance. I know exactly what I'm excited for, and it's mostly around "The Hunger Games", Andrea Arnold's "Wuthering Heights", and "John Carter". I know that marketing strategy has been mostly awful, but I'm feeling a turnaround. This could end up very good, as I'm hoping it will.

  4. The only movie you mentioned that I'd like to see is "Wuthering Heights", not really looking forward to John Carter, if you somehow end up liking it then I'll give it a shot.