Friday, January 13, 2012

Weekend Report: Tale as Old as Yesterday

It's kind of odd to have absolutely no horror films coming out on Friday the 13th, unless you count the few theaters "We Need to Talk About Kevin" is hitting up. Instead we have a fairly simple array of typicality, from action to faux-inspirational, but the film that's really going to make a hit this weekend is "Beauty and the Beast 3D". Disney made a massive mint on "The Lion King 3D", and they're in place to do it again with a similar margin of success. Keep in mind, this one does have a touch less adoration going its way than the last one, but the amount of people I've spoken to who plan to see it this weekend give me just as much reason to believe it'll be the top hit this weekend.

And then you have the side players, which are going to make their own share from their respective demographics. Mark Wahlberg is a steady enough draw for action-oriented viewers, and I wouldn't doubt "Contraband" hauling close to $20 million these next three days. "Joyful Noise" too, which consistently irritates me whenever the trailer plays in front of something I'm seeing, is still going to get its share of people looking for a good time with the family. No way in hell I'm suggesting it, and if there's a film that's liable to not meet expectations, I'd bet on this one.

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  1. You're not considering Joyful Noise a horror film?