Tuesday, January 10, 2012

For Your Anticipation: Nothing Else To Do

It's the first clip post of the new year, since I wasn't motivated enough to turn one out for "The Devil Inside", and I'm still not feeling it for "Joyful Noise". So why not give it to Mark Wahlberg? The man is mildly competent, and he's moderately good at playing a certain character, like the one he played in "The Fighter". Action protagonists, not so much. "Contraband" looks rather predictable, and will probably do a fair amount of business this weekend. It is not doing anything new, or purposeful for that matter, so don't expect to hear much beyond box office prospects on this one.


  1. Speaking of this weekend, Carnage and The Iron Lady are expanding to my theater but My Week with Marylin and Young Adult will get kicked out because of those. Do you recommend any of those 4?

  2. The only one I can really suggest is "Young Adult". An obscure departure for Jason Reitman, but a mildly strong one.