About Us

Editor Duncan Houst started High on Celluloid officially in 2009, becoming a more intellectually compelled writer across the following years. The site mainly concerns itself with significant events in visual entertainment and cinema, chiefly in terms of feature length films. The door is also open to review television that ascends typicality and demands discussion. If it's worth talking about, a discussion will surely follow.

Commenting Policy
I always encourage people to speak their mind on their own point of view when concerning any film or news related to such, even if I don't agree with it. I do not appreciate blind and baseless hatred, racism, sexism, or anything that crosses the line. Such comments will be deleted immediately. A sense of humor regarding your comments is always appreciate, but even more appreciated is that you back up your claims as well as I back up my own.

The Writers:

Duncan Houst is the editor of High on Celluloid. Born in California, Duncan spent much of his early childhood traveling around to place like Okinawa, Japan before spending his school years in the United States. He's never been employed by a publication any higher than his local high school newspaper, and has since written for himself on his own domain under blogspot. He personally puts up the money to see the movies he reviews, and does not currently turn a profit from the site. At the present time, it's about sharing his informed opinion, rather than go silent and ignored anyway. He hopes that his growing body of work will some day lead to a job being paid to watch the movies he gladly writes about, good or bad.