Friday, September 7, 2012

Follow us to Film Misery!

"Today is the first day of the rest of your life." - Lester Burnham, or Walter White. I never saw that poster.

I hope you've all been enjoying the output this week, because it's the last time you'll be seeing so much new writing on the site for a while, if ever. Just over two weeks ago I sent in an application to write for a new site. On Monday I got word back. Today, if official. I am a new member of the staff of Film Misery, headed up by Alex Carlson, senior edited by Justin Jagoe, writing alongside already strong fixtures, Davin Lacksonen, Vincenzo Tagle, and joining the game with fellow newcomers Hilary Kissinger and G Clark Finfrock. I know! All those names are totally awesome! Not to mention Phil Koller, who often hosts the podcast with Alex.

But now that we've come to this ecstatic news, that unfortunately means a dynamic shift for things at the site. As much as I like the idea of finding somebody new to take up the reins of the site, High on Celluloid is my trademark baby. It's the sort of name only I had the wit and passion to come up with, at least in that given moment back in 2009. Does me being hired at Film Misery end things here as far as writing. To be frank, yes. Just like Walter White can't be half a meth cook and Nucky Thompson can't be half a gangster, I can't be half a journalist, either here or there. Even if I tried, it would be too indecisive a split.

I plan on devoting myself entirely to Film Misery, because there really is no reason not to. It's all the same sort of writing I would be doing, between lists, reviews, and distant awards coverages. Of course I leave the main predictions to Alex, and all the better for it since I do not often have much care in predicting random straws like that. There's an ensemble vibe about Film Misery that promises a diversity of opinions as much as it ensures nobody steals each others' thunder. I'm writing alongside several people who would rather have a smile on their faces. What more could you want from a work environment.

And while I may not be posting any further written articles here, I suggest you not fade away so quickly. I may indeed be shooting for something new to tune into the site with, less hands on and outside the written word. That would be enough for a clever person. So come on over to Film Misery, but not without taking a look back at some of the fond pieces I have written in my nearly three years on the site.

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