Sunday, April 24, 2011

Box Office Update: Birds, Bunnies, & Black

The box office continued its wonderful turnaround period this weekend with some admirable holdovers and blissfully undeserved debuts. Two films ended up fighting for the top spot, and last week's 3D animated film, Rio, ended up conquering. The bird flick held onto audiences well, dropping 31.7% and putting it en route to become the highest grossing film of the year thus far. The other film in the battle, Madea's Big Happy Family, fared less well than some had predicted. I'm glad that Tyler Perry's box office strength has begun to ware off, but he's still able to pull in a respectable gross from his lesser trifles.

Water for Elephants managed to be a moderate hit, likely due to female audiences hankering for some Robert Pattinson. I still haven't come around to whether or not I'll end up seeing it, but it looks to be skewing too far on the corny aspects. This being Easter weekend, you could expect Hop to have a sizable increase on last weekend. It managed to be enough to boost the film's total gross just slightly above the $100 million mark. That should be great, but I take the lack of films breaking the $2oo million mark so far this year to be a terrible loss. The most depressing fall came from Scre4m, which fell over 60% from last weekend. It's terrible to see such an enjoyable film fall. The only other opening worthy of note is African Cats, which opened above last year's Oceans, but below the previous year's Earth. Overall, this weekend was a great 28.2% increase over last year. We're finally on the rebound!

1. Rio (Second Weekend; $26.8 million)
2. Madea's Big Happy Family (First Weekend; $25.8 million)
3. Water for Elephants (First Weekend; $17.5 million)
4. Hop (Fourth Weekend; $12.5 million)
5. Scre4m (Second weekend; $7.2 million)
6. African Cats (First Weekend; $6.4 million)
7. Soul Surfer (Third Weekend; $5.6 million)
8. Insidious (Fourth Weekend; $5.4 million)
9. Hanna (Third Weekend; $5.3 million)
10. Source Code (Fourth Weekend; $5 million)


  1. So I saw Scream 4 (Scre4m?) and I can't beleive how much of a flop (dissapointment) it is! A bunch of people at EW were commenting that they were just sick of slasher films but its not like they were complaining with the Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th reboots that made a buttload of money.Maybe if it was released at a different time.

    As for Water for elaphants, don't you think that some of its gross could've been attributed by fans of the book? I'm pretty sure there are more of those than there are of Pattinson fans.

  2. I suppose, but it's not a particularly famous book. In the trailers, Pattinson is featured far more prevalently.