Thursday, April 21, 2011

Theatrical Trailer: Another Earth

I've become a sucker for what is emerging as the biggest new trend in motion picture science fiction, and that's the idea of alternate universes. Fringe, a show that very few people watch from week to week, was what started this avalanche, and was shortly followed by J.J. Abrams' Star Trek. This past year has handed us other films on the matter like Rabbit Hole, Source Code, and now Sundance Film Festival darling Another Earth. The more scientifically minded are going to shrug this one off as being stupid and illogical, because alternate realities exist in other realms. They don't just pop out of the sky.

I set my scientific logic aside when Lars Von Trier decided to make a film called Melancholia, about a planet that appears from behind the sun and decimates Earth. What makes this trailer a wonderful thing to behold is the artistry and emotionality of it. It's not just about what happens when people are made aware of an alternate Earth. It's about the journey of one girl whose path was misguided, and she's desperately trying to get it back. Part of that melancholic mystery that leads her to go after this other version of herself is what makes this so instantly captivating. My reservations against Another Earth at first have been balanced by this wonderful trailer. I wrote two paragraphs about it, so please check it out.

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