Friday, April 22, 2011

The Weekend Report: Another Unhappy Reunion

The good news to deliver, especially after last weekend proved to be the first weekend of this year that was greater than last year, is that the box office isn't likely to disappoint this weekend. We are being delivered our annual Disneynature documentary for the kiddies, a romantic drama starring Robert Pattinson, and yet another film from the equally famous and infamous Tyler Perry. The bad news is saved for those expecting any sort of quality film entertainment, of which we are given nothing new. So if you are looking for quality, head out to see Scre4m or Hanna or Source Code. Those films already have my stamp of unyielding approval. And, in case you wanted an update, I've decided not to see Rio any time soon. It just looks like a pain at this point.

The top item of this weekend is obviously Tyler Perry's Madea's Big Happy Family, an unnecessarily long title for another unnecessary film. My respect for Tyler Perry doesn't go anywhere beyond his cameo appearance in the Star Trek franchise. I heard disconcerting rumors last month that his latest film would exceed two and a half hours, an endurance test that rivals that of Enter the Void. Those tales have been thankfully exaggerated, but it doesn't make the experience of watching it any more daunting. I hope to put off the experience until next weekend, but I may just get it over with sooner rather than later.

The highest suggestion for this weekend would be African Cats, but that is assuming you have any interest in a low momentum nature documentary. If so, take that business to the Discovery Channel or Animal Planet. You'll find some sort of equivalent, and for less money than you would be spending. You may be opting for the other "animal offering" and that would be Water for Elephants, the circus drama that I had, up until this point, been looking forward to. The half-hearted reviews and reminder that the film stars Robert Pattinson have made me reconsider. Christoph Waltz is the only draw, but I'll wait for DVD in this particular case. I learned a valuable enough lesson from The Green Hornet.

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