Wednesday, April 20, 2011

For Your Anticipation: The Right Prescripture

I don't take pleasure in seeing such awful films as these, even if I do find such while writing my critical defaming of the piece. I profess that I did not look at the clip provided below, because if I'm going to suffer through this film, I don't want to suffer any more than necessary. I don't watch African-American comedies, because for some reason they don't decide to consign to reality. It's not anything to do with racism, but it's a common critical analysis. I don't expect Tyler Perry's Madea's Big Happy Family to be any different, and I know I won't be proven wrong.


  1. I don't remember, was this the bad film you're watching this month or was it Fast Five?

    by the way have you called 1-855-Pennycan yet?

  2. In order, yes, this is the bad film I have to see this month (sigh), and yes, I have.