Friday, April 1, 2011

Potter-Watch (47 of 77): Ron and Hermione

Below the obvious coming of age story that takes up the main focus of the Harry Potter series, there has always been a sweet underlying romance pervading through the series. I'm obviously not talking about Harry and Ginny, sweet as they may be together. I just never really felt the inevitability of fate weighing on them being together. The low level relationship that has been building across the series is Ron and Hermione, and I'd be the last person to admit that. Over reading the first five books in the series, I could see what Rowling was building between them, but I can't say I exactly approved of it. I always thought that Ron was too much of an unnecessary idiot to deserve Hermione, despite the great comic relief he gives to the series.

The final two books gave something of a literary reconciliation for the romance, giving Ron a more important role and making him just a more likable character. The final three film do the same sort of catharsis, most especially in Deathly Hallows: Part 1. One of the things I found most impressive was how much Rupert Grint improved beyond his work in the rest of the series. Even more impressive was the sweet and rocky chemistry between him and Emma Watson. The best example of this is probably in this deleted scene from the film, one that you can't help but wish had made it to the final product, but you can see how it ended up being left on the cutting room floor. The montage of Ron slowly becoming more envious of Harry really moved things along rather well, and this scene would have reformatted and perhaps slowed down that entire proceeding. All the same, it serves as a wonderful separate piece of the puzzle, even if it isn't quite locked in. I really suggest playing it alongside the beginning of the track "Hermione's Parents" by Alexandre Desplat.

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