Thursday, April 7, 2011

Theatrical Trailer: Warrior

One thing I've learned across the past is that the cheesy inspiration feeling that permeates through these boxing film trailers is by design. I've never been looking forward to a boxing film, because the marketing is meant to be so emotional that you choke on it. Based on that fact, I can't say whether or not I'm looking forward to Warrior, because it seems like a sympathetic play off of The Fighter. One thing you'll notice in this trailer is that it never once says that it's based on a true story, because it isn't. It looks alright, but it seems tailor made to be inspirational. A war hero, brotherly love, and an underdog story? Doesn't that rather feel forceful and manipulative to you? Still, I am looking forward to it for Tom Hardy's performance, what little that may be.

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