Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Heather Morris Should Play "Buffy"

I'm not usually one to indulge in the rumor mill, but this just seems like the perfect idea worth endorsing. The writers of the Buffy: The Vampire Slayer reboot haven't really settled on anything yet, so they're certainly not even thinking about casting yet. However, wouldn't the perfect person to play the lead role be Heather Morris, better known as Brittany from Glee. I'm not really sure what the actress is like when taking on any other role than the ditsy but lovable cheerleader, but she just seems like the perfect match for Buffy. Nothing is set in stone, and it's probably highly unlikely that it will ever come to pass. It's just a brilliant idea that the writers should keep on the table.


  1. The other rumored actress is the Blond Cheerleader from The Vampire Diaries. They're just suggesting blond actresses who've played cheerleaders. Dianna Agron, Hayden whatsherface. They'll all be rumored.

  2. Most of the other actresses who have been "suggested" are from ZAP2it's response to the Heather Morris rumor. Regardless, Heather Morris is the only one of those actresses who I'd actually want to be cast.