Thursday, December 9, 2010

"Blue Valentine" NC-17 Rating Successfully Appealed

Are we sure that The Weinstein Company didn't just plan this whole debacle to raise press for thier upcoming romance? In any case, I'm sure you've heard that Blue Valentine was given an NC-17 rating a few months back for a sex scene that was deemed too extreme for an R-rating. Fortunately, Harvey Weinstein managed to go forward to get the rating appealed by the MPAA, and thus make it easier for people to see their film. That was a success, so it seems that Blue Valentine will be releasing under an R-rating this year. Now, all we need is a theatrical trailer to go along with this news, and we'll be all set. In other news, The King's Speech wasn't able to appeal its R-rating, but you win some; you lose some.

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