Friday, October 29, 2010

Oscar 2010: "Alice in Wonderland"? Seriously?

I'm going to open this piece with a question, and it may seem kind of dumb at first, but bare with me. Is Tim Burton's directing style fit for an entertaining onscreen experience? The initial answer to that isn't going to be yes, but rather another question. Would he have gotten this far if it wasn't? However, if you think about the films that really put the director on the map, can you say that they were especially well directed? I always felt that his work on Batman and Edward Scissorhands was obviously corny and hokey, and it didn't quite hit in the way it should have. Edward Scissorhands was an extraordinary idea, but the execution was so-so.

The reason I bring all this up is because Disney, in all their wisdom and glory, has decided to launch an Oscar campaign for Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, which is competing in pretty much every category. My initial shock reaction was "seriously?" Does anybody truly believe that this is a good idea? The film did make more than $1 billion worldwide, but critics simply didn't favor it too well at all. I never got a review up for the film, mostly because I absolutely hated it. I couldn't bring myself to write a review of something that atrociously cold and sick. I can definitely see it snagging nominations in Art Direction and perhaps Makeup, but nothing more. And so I ask again: Does anybody really think this is a good idea?

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