Saturday, September 11, 2010

Venice Film Festival: And The Winner's Are...

Golden Lion (Best Film): Somewhere
Silver Lion (Best Director): Alex de la Iglesia (A Sad Trumpet Ballad)
Special Jury Prize: Essential Killing
Coppa Volpi (Best Actor): Vincent Gallo (Essential Killing)
Coppa Volpi (Best Actress): Ariane Labed (Attenberg)
Osella (Best Screenplay): A Sad Trumpet Ballad

Marcella Mastroianni Award (Best Young Actor or Actress): Mila Kunis (Black Swan)
Osella (Best Cinematography): Silent Souls
Special Lion for Overall Work: Monte Hellman

European Cinema Award: The Clink of the Ice
Leoncino d’Oro (Golden Lion Cub) Prize: Barney’s Version
Queer Lion (Best Gay Film): In the Future
Brian Award: The Kisses Never Given
UNICEF Award: Miral

Well, you can't say Quentin Tarantino doesn't know how to surprise us. I doubt anybody could've guessed that Somewhere would go away with the coveted Golden Lion Award at this year's festival. Does this radically change things in terms of the Oscar race, placing it back in the running? Not at all. The film still has the same chances it did before, but now it has a prize to prove that it's no failure. In a year when Tarantino hasn't really done much of anything, I'd say he's made the right choice. I'm surprised Miral went away with anything. Mila Kunis receiving the Marcella Mastroianni award was a welcome surprise. None of these winners stand a huge chance at awards season, but Venice gave them what the deserved, more or less.

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