Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Theatrical Trailer: The Fighter

I always have to take a look at a trailer a few times before I make my opinion of it, because I often don't know what I think of it after seeing it once. This was a very challenging trailer to read, because I went into not knowing what I was looking for. The Fighter has gotten a great deal of Oscar buzz which I don't think it's entirely earned, because until now, we hadn't seen any footage from it to indicate such praise. So now that I've seen the trailer a few times, I have to say that while Christian Bale's performance in the film looks pretty great, Mark Wahlberg is still not a satisfying actor, and the screenplay doesn't have much spark in its dialogue. It seems like it's striving to be like Million Dollar Baby, while incorporating the feel-good tone of those horse race films like Secretariat. I'm keeping this at an arms length for now. I don't have enough confidence to put it in my predictions until I know more, and it may be a while before that happens.

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