Friday, September 10, 2010

Roger Ebert Revives "At The Movies"!

Somewhere out there is an old man whose vision of what movies are good and bad has been somewhat compromised by old age, but he still knows right from wrong. That man is Roger Ebert, and against all odds, he has revived his timeless old gem from a sad and lonely grave. At The Movies is coming back, with two new hosts!
Roger Ebert (Chicago Sun-Times): “I believe that by returning to its public roots, our new show will win better and more consistent time slots in more markets. American television is swamped by mindless gossip about celebrities, and I’m happy this show will continue to tell viewers honestly if the critics think a new movie is worth seeing.”
So where and when is this blessed event set to begin? Hopefully at PBS by January, 2011, a mere four months away. There was a swell in my stomach while watching the last episode of At The Movies while it was under the guiding force of A.O. Scott and Michael Phillips. Now we're to be offered a fresh new start with Kim Morgan and Omar Moore. I look forward to what they'll bring to the table.

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