Saturday, September 11, 2010

Toronto Days. Toronto Nights: Let Me In

At this point, I am tired of continuously hearing about this film from reviews, posters, trailers, and clips, and I just want to see it already. Two or three months ago, we really felt like this film was the worst thing in the world. Now, everybody is raving about it being just as good, and possibly better than the original. It's an unbelievable outcome, and I doubt there will be a soul out there who isn't surprised by this film's success. However, I don't think there will be anybody who is disappointing with it either.
Michael Rechtshaffen (Hollywood Reporter) "While he faithfully recreates a number of sequences and shifts the positions of others, Reeves also incorporates some new stuff that, for the most part, heightens rather than diminishes the original's understated intensity. Sure, we probably could have lived without the glowing vampire eyes, and the religious overtones come on a tad strong, but the tweaks are otherwise skillfully employed, favoring unique camera p.o.v. over CGI excess. That's particularly true of a terrifying car crash sequence that takes place entirely from inside the out-of-control vehicle. Echoing the prevailing horrific/mournful vibe is Michael Giacchino's masterful score, which is simultaneously bone-chilling and achingly poignant."

Worst Previews: "The remake of Let the Right One In is much better than the original as far as violence, quality, acting, music and camera work. Unfortunately, it is almost a shot-for-shot remake that adds very little. Yes, it's one of the best horror films around and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone. But beware, if you have seen the original, this one will bore you. If you haven't, run to the theaters and make sure to watch Let Me In first. It is far more superior."
Well, we seem to have conflicting opinions going around about this movie. While people are saying it's fantastic and better than the Swedish film, they're also saying that it's a little too similar for people who've seen the original. I'm still eagerly looking forward to Let Me In, and I want to know what you think of all this.

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