Thursday, September 23, 2010

Keanu Reeves Is A Stupid B****!

Excuse me for such language, but it's got to be said, because the news I've just heard made me want drive to whatever hellhole Keanu Reeves is hiding in and punch him in the face. A few days ago, Keanu Reeves started talking about how great it would be if they did a third film in the Bill and Ted franchise. I have three huge problems with that, the first being that Bill and Ted was built specifically for that era in time. If they made a new one today, it would kind of take away the authenticity of it all. There are some films that nostalgia works for (Toy Story 3), and some films that it doesn't (Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull). This falls in the latter category.

Secondly, chances are if they made a third film for today, it would probably suck. If Ghostbusters 3 ever made it into development, chances are it would fail more than even the second film. And then, the third and perhaps most important reason this atrocity should not be made is this: George Carlin is dead! Carlin is perhaps the most important figure in me becoming the person I am today, as I started watching his brand of comedy at a time when I needed to learn to think for myself. Bill and Ted is nothing without Rufus, and it's simply pointless to continue on without him. Then again, they could just remake a digital George Carlin using Avatar technology. If Keanu actually takes that into serious consideration, then he really does deserve to die.

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