Sunday, July 25, 2010

Box Office Report: Inception Holds Up Phenomenally!

Excuse my enthusiasm, but I'm just so happy that Comic Con is (almost) over. I can finally get back to my two to three post a day quota, instead of the frenzied flood of news that's come in the past few days. Now I can calmly break down the movie events that happened outside of San Diego with this week's Box Office Report. Inception took first for the second week in a row with 43.5 million, dipping just 30%. The film currently has over $140 million after just ten days, so any speculation that Chris Nolan's mindbender wouldn't register with audiences was completely unfounded.

As for the competition, Salt came in second with $37 million, a decent opening, but nothing spectacular. Expect the thriller to end up with $100 million at the end of its run. Ramona and Beezus opened in sixth with $8 million. That's really all that can be said about that. Were we really expecting something different? Despicable Me had another small dip of 26%, leading to $24 million this weekend, adding to its total of $161 million. The animated film will likely hold up for the rest of its time in theatres, leading to a hault at about $220 million.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice didn't fall quite as much as I predicted, and took in $9.6 million over the weekend. The fantasy film currently has $42 million in the bank. Meanwhile, Toy Story 3 continued its phenomenal summer with $9 million coming out of this weekend. The animated epic now has $379 million, and will definitely be passing $400 million before the summer is over. I'd also like to inform people how successful the worst films of the summer have been. Grown Ups currently has $142 million, Twilight: Eclipse is sitting pretty at $279 million (I hate it when small budget films make a ton of money), and The Last Airbender has reached $123 million.

In limited release, The Kids Are All Right took in $2.6 million from 200 locations. The film has almost $5 million so far, and is almost guaranteed an Oscar nomination for Best Picture. Winter's Bone took in $0.3 million, adding to a total of $3.5 million. Overall this weekend was a 10% lift from the same weekend last year when G-Force opened, but a 10% drop from the same weekend two years ago.

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