Monday, March 28, 2011

"The Tree of Life" Poster

Finally, we get a look at one of them dinosaurs! In case you couldn't figure it out, column 3, row 10. I think at this point we have a vague idea of what The Tree of Life is about, and it's a very exciting possibility. It's obviously not essentially about dinosaurs or the space shots we see in the trailer, but the story of a boy becoming a man. We can't quite say what this film will be because it hasn't happened yet. This poster offers not one stunning image, but several different beautiful images, none of which ultimately reveal the essential meaning of the film, nor should they. Terrence Malick remains evasive to the very end.

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  1. So dinosaurs will be in this movie? Interesting. Last I heard of them Malick was doing a special IMAX only film about the birth of the universe, maybe he joined to two to go with this movie or it'll be in a prolougue of some sort.