Friday, November 4, 2011

Weekend Update: Pre-emptive Responses

This weekend seems to be a great deal quieter than most, of no fault to the high buzz comedies infecting the market today. There's just so little to talk about now comparative to last week or next week. With any luck, I'll actually be able to see "J. Edgar" next weekend, though given recent news out of AFI Fest, I wouldn't necessarily go ahead and call that good luck. DiCaprio is getting the most out of the film, as expected after the trailer that debuted weeks ago. I'll maintain my personal tentative feelings until next weekend, but for a more than fine dissection of the performance and the film itself, I hand off to Kris Tapley of In Contention.

Other news of note is that "Shame" finally got slapped with the NC-17 rating, which gave me a moment of rejoice on twitter (#NC17FUCKYEAH). "Young Adult" got a surprise screening to an amazingly positive response, which makes me optimistic at it being more than just a guilty pleasure. Hans Zimmer removed his name from the original score race, which is only a disappointment in regards to "Rango". And 2008 Oscar telecast producer Gil Cates passed away, which is a shame, as we're currently stuck in a sad rut of telecast producers and hosts. Let us never have duel hosts ever again.

And regarding the films releasing this weekend, my money's on "Tower Heist" to be the film to see. I've even had slight intrigue that may win out on me before the weekend is out. You can only spend so much time away from the theaters before it luring you back in. There's a solid cast, and it looks funny enough. For normal people, it would more than suffice. It's got a damn sight better of a chance than "A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas" does, indulging in the same obvious and honestly not even funny approach that so many inexplicably are drawn to. But it'll do great this weekend anyway. So what are you seeing this weekend, if anything? Comment below!

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