Saturday, November 19, 2011

I'm breaking the habit tonight!

This might end up as an unfulfilled promise, and I truly hope that isn't the case. But I much prefer the feeling of absolute virginity when entering into a cinematic experience, and that unfortunately doesn't exist anymore. We're so filled to the brim with trailers and TV spots that there's no feeling of true experience going into a film. By "true experience", I mean not knowing what we're in for. I mean not having the slightest of clues. I want to get that feeling back, so from this moment on, hopefully, I'm resolving not to indulge in trailers before seeing a film. It's a promise with consequences, like the fact that I have less of a clue going into potentially bad films, but I'd rather have that pleasure of going into a film and having an even more heightened experience of joy from it.

I'd say for you guys to try it, but I'd actually kind of like you guys to tell me what you think of these trailers I post up here from week to week. I won't see them, but I'll still post them up for you guys, sight unseen. I'll also try to refrain from reading full reviews, which just allow you to adjust expectations. If I stumble upon trailers in theaters, I'll either forgive it our shut my eyes and ears. TV spots, I'll absolutely forgive. Other than that, I am remaining open without augmentation until the screening from here on out. And because I absolutely loved the trailer, here's a second dosing of "Shame".

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  1. Instead of shutting your eyes and ears at movie theaters when trailers come on, may I suggest walking in to the theater when the trailers have ended and before the movie starts?