Monday, November 21, 2011

Box Office Update: "Dawn" Breaks B.O. Sanity

I think that if there's anything that is embellished by this weekend, or rather the year as a tedious whole, is that where "Harry Potter" may have some kind of staying power on its side, "Twilight" is an extremely frontloaded vehicle. True, both gain most of their earnings from the opening weekends alone, and they're very similar in that respect. They're also similar in that people outside the franchise don't care too much. "Potter" is done for, and after visiting it again recently, I hate it even more. I know. I clearly have no soul. "Twilight" is also on its way out. Slowly. Very needlessly slowly at that. The first part of their "Breaking Dawn" finale collected just $3 million below the opening "New Moon" mustered. Still a success for such an abysmal franchise.

Talking of abysmal, "Happy Feet Two" managed to fail in a much more obvious manner. Sure, $22 million is somewhat honest for a film opening opposite a vehicle like "Twilight". It's weak compared the grosses the last film mustered, mostly from kids, but also from penguin obsessed girls. Obsession is the main device that fuels the box office season, no matter the demographic. All other candidates this week fell greatly due to the opposition. Still, the weekend was an advance upon last year's pre-Thanksgiving frame.

1. "Breaking Dawn: Part 1" (First Weekend; $139.5 million)
2. "Happy Feet Two" (First Weekend; $22 million)
3. "Immortals" (Second Weekend; $12.2 million)
4. "Jack and Jill" (Second Weekend; $12 million)
5. "Puss in Boots" (Fourth Weekend; $10.7 million)
6. "Tower Heist" (Third Weekend; $7 million)
7. "J. Edgar" (Second Weekend; $5.9 million)
8. "Harold and Kumar" (Third Weekend; $2.9 million)
9. "In Time" (Fourth Weekend; $1.7 million)
10. "The Descendants" (First Weekend; $1.2 million)

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