Monday, November 14, 2011

"The Hunger Games" Trailer

I really don't think we need another trailer for "The Hunger Games". I know it's only been this one, but the way it closes up fits just perfectly for a final trailer. I know it isn't, as they're bound to show another sometime in the four months to follow before the film. I think that they can put concrete plans in order to make the other two films in the trilogy, because this film is going to make a ton of money. It's going to be Lionsgate's equivalent to "Twilight", but significantly better than "Twilight". I'm not raving about this film. I think there's enough about it that looks silly. Hell, it looks like it's been ripped from the 1990s era of sci-fi film. Not that that's a bad thing. Maybe I'm looking for a ridiculous time like this.


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