Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"Brave" Trailer

I'm not going to start placing bets on the latest film in Pixar's canon of releases, going now into the realms of mythic Scotland. Is this trailer somewhat disappointing? Yes, and I had been looking forward to "Brave" after that initial teaser. However, the trailer also doesn't give us a single hint of what the film is actually about. It's in Scotland. There's a princess. She's a ginger. There's a bear. That's it. And we're not likely to get a trailer that reveals anything important until next year, by which time I won't be watching trailers at all. So I can say my expectations have been slightly aired out, but I'm still generally interested.


1 comment:

  1. Agreed, I was looking forward to it but the trailer did nothing to excite me more or less.

    And I'm seeing in other sites how the trailer is getting a bit of praise for not revealing much because of how most trailers these days reveal TOO much about the movie (I think Dream House was this year's worst offender), but I disagree, its like the trailer shows virtually nothing to the point that its a second teaser.

    And look at The Hunger Games trailer, it showed the plot and a lot of the major characters without revealing any of the surprises in store. So its possible to give some plot in a trailer without going overboard.