Saturday, November 5, 2011

Directorial Highlights: Joel and Kees

Kees van Dijkhuizen and Joel Walden are far from the most renowned editors out there, at least at the time being. And yet both of them have eked out a really fantastic little budding of success off the beaten path. I'm not about to speak of authenticity and nuance in relation to YouTube, though it's often worth a solid laugh on a rainy day. Still, I've been closely following the videos of these two channels, especially this year as they both thrive within their respective series of directorial tributes. Sure, tributes are done to death, but Kees and Joel have an understanding of it that's damn near unrivaled outside their circle. Of Kees' [the films of] series, I'm a particular fan of his David Fincher video, and in Joel's The Works series, it's no secret that I adored his Stanley Kubrick tribute. Anyway, I have the full playlist of both series embedded below. They're worth it, if for nothing else, just as an excuse to explore further films of the many directors within it.

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