Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Carpet-Bagging: Ratner Leaves the Oscars!

If you've been locked in your room for the past two days, you're probably unaware of the massive quakes that have shaken the progress of the Academy Awards, which is all but doomed now. Just a few days back, Oscar telecast producer Brett Ratner made some illicit remarks while promoting his well-received and enjoyed new film, "Tower Heist". When asked about how he doesn't rehearse before shooting his films, he is quoted saying "Rehearsing is for fags". Cue the media crowd, and things are heated up quite immensely in such a short time. I'm still appalled he wasn't sacked the next moment, but the circus went on.

Many got talking, the top men of the Academy simply groaned, Ratner gave his less-than-half-hearted apology, and we were all complaining about it on twitter. It seemed like it had come and passed with a bad taste in our mouths that would stain the eventual awards. So now the news comes that Brett Ratner is officially out as co-producer of the once-prestigious awards. It's the only thing that would've sufficed, as this has all been an impossible battle to win. In the world we live, there's no excuse for it. Still no word on how this will effect the rest of the telecast, if Eddie Murphy will stay on, or if they'll begin seeking a new producer. For now, we can rest in satisfaction that the show will be slightly less horrible than it was going to be.

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