Friday, November 4, 2011

"Fringe" Preview: For Real This Time

It took an extra week longer than we hoped, but Joshua Jackson is finally back on "Fringe" tonight, and as much of a fan of John Noble and Anna Torv as I am, the show isn't right without Jackson. Without him, the show has felt somewhat stingy and inorganic. Stilted and cold might be the best way to explain these past four episodes. While not without strong moments, Peter's absence has been felt. I still haven't a clue what the purpose of any of this has been, but it's becoming clear enough that the Observers don't just erase people when their purpose has been fulfilled. Peter is, or at least was, important. Now, what is his purpose in this story? I'll trust the writers for now, and cross my fingers that the show gets better from here.

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