Sunday, November 13, 2011

Box Office Update: "Immortals" Conquers Dispersed Weekend

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This weekend proved to set 2011 on the right track towards finishing up, with a series of prosperous debuts and holdovers holding excitement up to a generally positive level. I am not the least bit excited about any of the films in the top ten, but I don't expect it possible for them to satisfy me at such a time as this season. "Immortals" led the weekend box office, mostly from profits generated by 3D screenings. I'd also consider the generally masculine atmosphere about it as an important factor. Plenty are calling this film stunning, but I have no idea where they're drawing that conclusion. In any case, I expected this to do well with male demographics, and it did.

So where did everyone else go? Apparently the women went to see "Jack and Jill", since I can find no other demographic who might be interested in it. Hell, I can't find a single demographic aside from idiot children and their gullible parents, but they were more interested in "Puss in Boots" this weekend. That is, unless the kids flocked to "Jack and Jill" and older demographics went to "Puss in Boots" from positive word of mouth. I'll go with any estimates in this game. And no matter the reason for it, "Puss in Boots" still shot above $100 million this weekend, just a hair faster than "Paranormal Activity 3", which also passed the benchmark. Together, they're the first of the fall season.

The last debut of the weekend was "J. Edgar", which managed Clint Eastwood's strongest debut since "Space Cowboys", but still weak in comparison to "Hereafter" when it widened to further theaters last year. Holdovers were modest, but it's clear that "Tower Heist" and "Harold and Kumar" are beginning to evaporate from relevance. Overall, the weekend surged above the same weekend last year, when "Megamind" held modestly well against "Unstoppable", "Skyline", and "Morning Glory". But who's to say what % the films this weekend will fall next weekend, when "Happy Feet Two" and "Twilight: Breaking Dawn" launch onto the scene.

1. "Immortals" (First Weekend; $32 million)
2. "Jack and Jill" (First Weekend; $26 million)
3. "Puss in Boots" (Third Weekend; $25.5 million)
4. "Tower Heist" (Second Weekend; $13.2 million)
5. "J. Edgar" (First Weekend; $11.5 million)
6. "Harold and Kumar" (Second Weekend; $5.9 million)
7. "In Time" (Third Weekend; $4.2 million)
8. "Paranormal Activity 3" (Fourth Weekend; $3.6 million)
9. "Footloose" (Fifth Weekend; $2.7 million)
10. "Real Steel" (Sixth Weekend; $2 million)

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