Monday, May 16, 2011

Dread Locks: June 2011

Another piece that went up in glorious flames during the "Blogger Maintenance Massacre of 2011", as I will call it, I had already gone on about the expected upsets of this coming month. There's always a promise of some sort of substantial failings, either expected or unexpected. And yet, I found myself so strictly confined while figuring out what films to have people vote for this month. The Art of Getting By looks like the most horrible indie flick I've ever heard of, but there's little chance anyone's ever heard of it. At the time, I was halfway committed to slapping Cars 2 in there, and I didn't because of the long-term respect I have for Pixar. After seeing the latest semi-redeeming trailer, I'm glad I made that call.

The most difficult film not to throw in there was Green Lantern, because every scrap of marketing for that film hits me like a brick to the head. There has been such banal optimism towards the film that it makes me sick, because whatever hope there is towards it is reminiscent of Avatar. I'd be a little more faithful if the film looked as good as Avatar and not Fantastic Four. I have every reason to lump this one in the poll, but I know that if I did then absolutely everyone would vote for it. Then it becomes a popularity contest, and I have pretty much secured my place in the theater for a film I really don't want to see.

So that empty spot has been filled up by Bad Teacher, which is me cheating a bit because I am genuinely looking forward to it. Yes, it has the typical rom-com plot that I'd instantly roll my eyes at, and it has Cameron Diaz in a role. Those are usually deal-breakers for me, but the trailer was so damn funny that I'd be lying if I said I wasn't going to see it. It's not the sort of film in which quality is really a compelling factor. So far it's leading in the poll, so I may be in for another No Strings Attached sort of experience next month.

The least known film on the list is definitely Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer, and I honestly haven't seen a second of footage from the film. The title and the poster are all certification I need to know that it's not worth my time. So that leaves Mr. Popper's Penguins, another unfortunate childhood book to be given the mainstream comedic treatment. They've pretty much stripped away anything that made the original book interesting, and replaced with your standard comedic venture for somebody like Jim Carrey to be outrageous in. I'd respect it a bit more if they titled it appropriately as Jim Carrey with Penguins. I'd still hate it, but I'd respect it. Those are the films, and you can click the links provided to see trailers, and be sure to vote in the sidebar.


  1. Judy Moody, I remember reading and loving those books in elemantary. Know that I'm older though I really remember the appeal.

    And why the hate towards Green Lantern?

  2. The trailers look absolutely terrible, and it looks to be selling dumb, colorful, grossly unbelievable excitement with absolutely nothing more to offer. That's not even to mention the butchered casting job.