Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cannes Coverage 2011: Who Should You Follow?

Cannes Film Festival kicks off pretty soon, and as per usual, I am not financially capable of being there. If anybody wants to pay me to go to these festivals then that would be fantastic, but I doubt that will ever happen. I'm waiting to be proved wrong. So, since I won't be there, I'll be getting my information from anybody who is there. More often than not, that consists of the difficult to please Guy Lodge of "In Contention" and Anne Thompson of "Thompson on Hollywood". Both are regular visitors at the festival, and I had a good time reading Lodge's reviews last year. I'm also expanding to Sasha Stone of "Awards Daily" and Brad Brevet of "Rope of Silicon". So, if you'd like to just bypass my secondhand gathering of their reviews, by all means do so. As soon as reviews are in for the opening night film, Midnight in Paris, I'll have them up here. And so kicks off the stalled beginning of Oscar season.

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