Sunday, May 15, 2011

Box Office Update: Always a "Bridesmaids"

This weekend looked to be another substantial drop-off from the success we've been having for the past two weeks, as there weren't any major blockbusters opening. In some ways, that played to the advantage of this particular weekend, with Thor holding on to the top spot impressively with only a 47.5% decrease from last weekend. That's less of a drop than Fast Five had after its massive opening. It also proves to be the smallest drop of any film in Marvel's Avengers lineup thus far. The film looks to be headed past the $200 million mark sometime within the next three weeks.

Meanwhile, in the land of the new releases, Bridesmaids proved to play a lot better than expectations believed it would. Coming in at just $10 less than Thor, the film could turn out to be a big player in the coming weeks, assuming it maintains its audience well enough. Priest didn't even break $15 million this weekend, but still earned more than it deserved. Fast Five landed in third, leveling out at a steady decrease of 39.8%. Rio rounded out the top five, dropping a minuscule 6% from last weekend. The film should do fine for the next two weeks until Kung Fu Panda 2 takes up its target audience. The weekend was still  4.6% lower than the same last year, but that's still impressive given last year's debut of Robin Hood and the holdover of Iron Man 2.

1. Thor (Second Weekend; $34.5 million)
2. Bridesmaids (First Weekend; $24.4 million)
3. Fast Five (Third Weekend; $19.5 million)
4. Priest (First Weekend; $14.5 million)
5. Rio (Fifth Weekend; $8 million)
6. Jumping the Broom (Second Weekend; $7.3 million)
7. Something Borrowed (Second Weekend; $7 million)
8. Water for Elephants (Fourth Weekend; $4.1 million)
9. Madea's Big Happy Family (Fourth Weekend; $2.2 million)
10. Soul Surfer (Sixth Weekend; $1.8 million)

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