Thursday, May 19, 2011

"How Do I Get Out of This Sentence?"

Lars von Trier has always been known for his controversial shenanigans, most of which I find really entertaining, so seeing as his latest film, Melancholia, hasn't yet roused people very much, I felt a little bit let down. And then this little tidbit from a press interview showed up, and Lars von Trier is now being called a Nazi. What he says isn't really new to my ears, because I know that Hitler did some really terrible things, but he's a man you can potentially understand. Lars was just discussing a bit of embarrassing family history, and Cannes responded rather wildly by banning him, effective immediately. The man has been debuting films at the festival for years, so did they really expect him to not make such a big fuss? Considering the humorous context of the statement, this really seems like overkill. I'm not saying that Lars is to be commended for his statement, but it sounds like more of a bizarre and stupid attempt at a joke than a declaration of hate. Lars von Trier's career will go on from this, which sets him apart from Mel Gibson in particular.

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