Friday, May 20, 2011

The Weekend Report: Pirates; DAMN!

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides has already set a record for the most obvious usage of 3D in any film, live-action or animated. I include that moment in Monsters vs. Aliens when that guy is playing ping pong the audience's face. I feel like this weekend is a follow up to another weekend that happened about six months ago. Another film that looks very much like the latest Pirates film, and even stars Geoffrey Rush, opened to no other new releases. Interestingly enough, while The Warrior's Way brought in only $3 million that weekend, On Stranger Tides is poised to take in somewhere around the vicinity of $100 million.
My interest in this specific film has changed not-so-substantially from my initial take of the trailers. Back then, I thought that it looked like a very stupid, yet ignorantly fun, adventure film. Now, I just think it looks stupid. That's not going to prevent me from seeing it, but I will not be seeing it in 3D, and I won't be enjoying myself. Expect a review either sometime tonight or sometime tomorrow. What I would much rather be seeing this weekend is Midnight in Paris, which is only opening in limited release. It makes me desire to live in New York or Los Angeles so that I could see these films much sooner.

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