Sunday, May 1, 2011

Box Office Update: "Fast" Times in "Rio"

There were some pretty massive failures at the box office this weekend. Disney's new aim at the young demographic, Prom, proved largely unsuccessful, landing in fifth place with only $5 million. Even more pathetically was Hoodwinked Too, which holds the absolute lowest debut for a 3D film opening in wide release. We would have good reason to be greatly depressed by this weekend if it weren't for the gargantuan opening tally of Fast Five. Expectations were set pretty high already, with many estimating a take of around $70 million, much like the previous film in the series. I was preparing for an upset, but Fast Five ended up posting a new record for the franchise and for the month of May.

With a tally that high, all other films this weekend seem very much irrelevant, but there were some other achievements worth talking about. Rio took a controlled fall of 45.3%, which is understandable considering the competition. Water for Elephants fell a similar amount and landed up in fourth place. Between the two was Madea's Big Happy Family, which fell an estimated 60% from last week's moderate debut. The biggest drop came from Hop, which hit it big on Easter weekend, only to fall again this weekend by 79%. The film is currently standing at $105.3 million, and isn't looking to go much higher than that. Overall, it should come as no surprise that this weekend demolished the same weekend last year, which played host to the $32.9 million debut of the Nightmare on Elm Street remake.

1. Fast Five (First Weekend; $83.6 million)
2. Rio (Third Weekend; $14.4 million)
3. Madea's Big Happy Family (Second Weekend; $10.1 million)
4. Water For Elephants (Second Weekend; $9.1 million)
5. Prom (First Weekend; $5 million)
6. Hoodwinked Too (First Weekend; $4.1 million)
7. Soul Surfer (Fourth Weekend; $3.3 million)
8. Insidious (Fifth Weekend; $2.7 million)
9. Hop (Fifth Weekend; $2.6 million)
10. Source Code (Fifth Weekend; $2.5 million)

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