Monday, May 2, 2011

"The Man Dresses Up Like a Bat. Clearly He Has Issues."

I feel like Christopher Nolan could craft this into the plot for Inception 2, if he were ever to make one. In any case, this is a really fun interesting fan item.


  1. Was that "Death is the Road to Awe"?

    Anyway that was fun but I'm surprised you haven't posted "The Day We Died" trailer yet.

    And what was up with your tv watch on Friday? It was there for like on hour but only like 2 sentences and then you deleted it.

  2. I often have publishing issues. It's one of the weakest qualities of running a site via Blogger.

  3. This is what I was talking about:

  4. Yes, I have. I'm holding off on that until Friday.