Thursday, November 11, 2010

Teaser Trailer: Winnie the Pooh

There's nothing quite like a healthy taste of nostalgia from the folks at Disney, and there's nothing that'll bring you out of a bad day like Winnie the Pooh. I was surprised to hear about the film finally coming back into relevance after going out of the new for months. The film does have an uphill battle against it commercially, because it's going up against the sequel to a certain film releasing next Friday. I have my qualms with this trailer, the main one being the voice acting. It's somewhat awkward at the time being, which is something they have a long time to deal with. Craig Ferguson doesn't quite fit Owl yet, and Eeyore sounds like Ed Harris, unless that is Ed Harris. I recognized it, and I liked it quite a bit, but it came out of left field for me. Despite the few qualms, this is a really sweet trailer for what will likely be a sweet traditional animated feature. I look forward to seeing it.

1 comment:

  1. it has been a long time since i have seen a trailer,
    that has forced me to happy tears upon seeing it.
    this ability has not been seen outside of theaters very much.
    the combination of soung choice,
    build up with words,
    amazingly illustrated backgrounds that warmly wrap you in nostalgia,
    and all around amazing imagery.
    with that out of the way

    i don't like seeing the whites of christopher robin's eyes,
    or the overtly british voice acting for that matter,
    the combination of which creates an uneasy feeling,
    an overwhelming urge to fire my musket.

    Owls voice doesnt fit the character at all,
    it feels cut and pasted, which can be solved
    by animators making it fit,
    which is tough when we're dealing with an already famous character
    or a better fitting voice actor,
    owl has never had this much attention to him in the past,
    which is interesting that they would shift to him now,
    when the octor has changed, and doesnt fit as well.

    Fuck yes!
    more eeyore!
    i was expecting the first trailer to be of the 300 awesome bloodboil vein
    and a new focus on eeyore is what brought it,
    however it was boiling under the surface of exciting nostagia.
    the voice fits, so well, im so happy

    I am heavily looking forward to this being the best animated film of 2011
    the frog transforming into a honey jar,
    as pooh is wearing a oven mit on his head,
    is close to the best imagery of this trailer,
    as it fits previous pooh films psychotropic trips it takes,
    (heffalumps and woozles)

    The red baloon flying through a page
    on the border between feild and forest,
    fading into a 3/4 above view, 3/4 right shot,
    of the treehouse, subtly warmly lit from the trees
    and the baloon hitting the bell,
    is artistically perfect.
    Something disney 2d animation hasnt been able to do in ages,
    and was last seen done in 2d by hiyao miyzaki.

    The existance of pooh within the 2dimensional picture plane,
    looks like it is being extremely well though out this time,
    callin it! right now!
    look at these names,
    look at this movie,
    this.. is the beginning of a beautiful renaissance of traditional animation