Friday, August 6, 2010

Weekend Update: 1st Week of August

After a break from last weekend, which had very little to offer audiences, we're right back in the game with another exploitation of 3D, and a buddy-cop parody from the director of Step Brothers. Last weekend, Cats and Dogs 2 scored the worst opening weekend for a digital 3D film, and proved that 3D can't save a crappy movie from a disappointing income. This weekend, Step Up 3D stands a better chance of bringing in movie-goers. When you have an extremely attractive chick on the poster, nothing else about the movie really matters. So, expect a $20 million opening weekend for the dance flick.

Then there's The Other Guys, which stars Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg. Reviews for this film have been pretty much all over the place. Some people are saying that it's a funny movie. Some are saying it's not all that funny, but the action is good. There isn't an overall consensus yet, but as soon as I see the movie, I will let you know my thoughts on it. This film will probably be the first two take down Inception's winning streak, and it'll probably end the weekend with about $30 million. Expect my review to land on Wednesday.

Speaking of the aforementioned epic from Christopher Nolan, Inception has been taking pretty small drops for the past few weeks, and it'll probably continue that trend this weekend. I can see the film muscling out Step Up 3D for the #2 spot, probably with $21 million. As for Dinner For Schmucks, the comedy is likely to take a huge dive in profits this weekend. A 55% drop should lead to about $10 million or so.

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