Friday, August 6, 2010

Theatrical Trailer: Unstoppable

An unmanned train full of toxic chemicals is speeding out of control towards a highly populated area, and it's up to years-of-experience train expert Denzel Washington, and rookie-new-guy Captain Kirk (or Chris Pine if you use his real name) to stop it. As a run-on sentence, it sounds like a cheesy premise for a film. However, the trailer for this film looks to be all thrills, with none of the camp. There is a real threat, and it comes off as a realistic portrayal of such an event.

What I find most interesting is that there is no villain in this movie with a set motive. There's simply an unstoppable force with deadly consequences in any circumstance. This film isn't likely to be up for Academy recognition, but it looks like a well thought out and motivating action-thriller. Check out the trailer for Unstoppable below if you doubt my statement. Or if you just want to see an interesting trailer.

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