Friday, August 27, 2010

For Your Acknowledgement: Axeman

I was once considering to put Resident Evil: Afterlife in my 3 to See for this month, or at least mention it in the honorable mention section. I know it seem irrational, and it is 100% ridiculous, but that's what people want to see sometimes. They want to see mindless action in 3D, and this film isn't converted 3D. This film utilizes the same 3D technology used in Avatar, but with even less logic. Fortunately, I opted out of wasting time and money on this picture, mainly because of this clip. If you have ever considered seeing this movie, and you can still see from both eyes because neither of them were stabbed out by a pen at Comic Con, this clip will likely change your mind.

This is what happens when 3D goes too far. An action scene where half of the time is spent simply running in slow motion, while a rock jam score blares in the background. Seriously, if you want cool stylistic action, go see Machete. If you want to see jaw-dropping 3D visuals, your best bet is unfortunately Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Gahoole. The only thing Afterlife will do is end Ali Larter's career. Not to mention Axeman's. We will miss you Axeman.

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