Thursday, August 12, 2010

Potter Watch (15 of 77): "Deathly Hallows" Split Confirmed!

Though perhaps not as exciting as the new of Emma Watsons new haircut, this is still somewhat intriguing. The place where the split between Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 and Part 2 will occur has been decided, so if you don't want to know where it is, don't continue on. You're still here, so lets get on with it, shall we. The first film is supposed to end towards the end of Chapter 24 in the book, where Voldemort finally seizes the elder wand. It's definitely a bit peculiar, and raises more than a few questions about the final installments.

The first question is, what does that mean for the time length of the two films. If we go straight from page to screen, Part 1 would include two-thirds of the book, leaving about 255 or pages to be translated into Part 2. Sure it means that we'll get a decent chunk of the story come November, but does it all even out. What is the format of Part 2 going to be like? Is it going to feel like an actual movie, or just the climax of a film? We know a fair bit of time is to be spent on the battle of Hogwarts, but is that going to dominate the film. Will the two films be like a reverse Kill Bill, with Part 1 focusing more on the characters, and Part 2 focusing mostly on the action?

Then again, lets keep in mind the fact that they may not keep things in the exact order as they were in the books. Notice the image above where Hermione is wearing the time-turner around her neck. Last I checked, it didn't have any huge significance in the final book. Will they add that in for something a little more interesting in the film? Perhaps. Also, a little bit of Chapter 24 may have been transplanted into Part 2. Also, they might have added a little bit of character development into the second film to make up for the abundance of action.

Consider me a question mark, asking billions of questions in order to reach the truth. Am I at all saying that I don't think the film will deliver the quality that the cast and crew have promised? Obviously not, but this is the sort of thing I'd do for any sort of high profile release. I don't remember the last time a Harry Potter film had me asking so many questions. It's actually quite thrilling. For more information and images from the final installment of the series, check out the article in this week's Entertainment Weekly, now on news stands.

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