Monday, August 30, 2010

Too Quiet Out There?: The American

Alright, it seems like an easy bet to say that The American won't be grabbing a hell of a lot of nominations this Oscar season, because we haven't heard many reviews breach the internet. It's maddening for someone like me, who likes to know what people think of a movie before he goes and sees it. You could go and say that I let other people decide what I do for me, but quite often I find myself disagreeing with the critical majority on some matters. I think that Taylor Lautner is the best actor in The Twilight Saga. It's not saying much, but it's saying something.

Either way, I find it a little disturbing that we have gotten any credible opinion on this film. Most films that don't allow a press screening before the release have good reason to do so. That reason being, they don't quite have faith in their project. They want big audiences to get out there before word leaks out on the quality of the film. I'd understand that for a bigger release, but not The American. This film has had little to no marketing going for it. There have been two teaser trailers and a few TV spots, but that doesn't bode well for the thriller's success.

This is a very dangerous grave to dig oneself into, especially if the film isn't good in the first place. So I'm remaining skeptical of this project until I see it on Wednesday. I really do hope that this film is spectacular, as it's the film this month that I'm most anticipating. I'm just bracing myself for something unexpected.

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