Saturday, August 28, 2010

"Mission Impossible 4" to star Jeremy Renner!

I made a post on Jeremy Renner landing a role in the Brad Bird directed Mission Impossible movie, and I had to retract it. It wasn't for any other reason than me noticing that there were some facts that I wasn't completely informed of so I wanted to bring those to light. It turns out that Tom Cruise is going to be playing a more diminished role in this film, which won't take place where the last film left off. This one will actually feature a new lead character played by none other than Jeremy Renner. This is a hell of a lot different from earlier reports, and it's clear that Brad Bird is steering the franchise in a new direction, and probably a better one.

The new film may not even have Mission Impossible in the title at all. I understand if Brad Bird wants to add a new flair of originality to the franchise, and it's really been lacking that. The more news that comes out for this film, the more excited I am to see it. So we'll just have to wait and see what will happen with the series from here on out.

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