Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Terrence Malick's "The Tree of Life" Not Coming Until 2011?

This isn't necessarily official yet, but it might as well be, as everything that has come out about this film has led us to believe such. As a matter of fact, this post is mostly based on speculation, but it's more than just the typical fan-boy rumors. This comes from Todd McCarthy, former film critic of Variety magazine, now a writer and reviewer for indiewire. The following paragraph is from a piece he just recently wrote and posted for Deep Focus, the entire article for which you can follow the link to.
All through our recent two weeks in the dark, we received periodic updates and tentative promises about the imminent arrival of the film for us to view; even well into the second week we were still being thus tantalized. Finally, of course, came word that Malick was still not done and it now seems clear the picture will not be opening this year. I can’t prove it, of course, and he’s supposedly set to start shooting a new film in Oklahoma in October, but I’m convinced we won’t be seeing “The Tree of Life” until, at the earliest, the 2011 Cannes Film Festival. Or perhaps it could turn up at the New York Film Festival a year from now.

Personally, I have a feeling that the same sort of thing will happen for The Way Back. What do you think will happen to The Tree of Life. I want to hear your theories.

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  1. Oh come on! I've been dying to see this movie for months and its getting delayed again? More than likely it is delayed since everyone but the people involved in the movie have been kept in the dark about the status of the film.