Monday, October 3, 2011

Oscar Park: "Take Shelter" & "50/50"

This weekend had two films with moderate Oscar chances come out, but neither one has that many chances to merit a post of their own, so here we are. Obviously the more apparent of the two is "Take Shelter", which got strong reactions out of Cannes, and has continued that through this weekend. Michael Shannon is obviously the main talking point here, and the Academy has had a notable fancy for him in the past. I'd be particularly shocked if he didn't make it for this one. The other potential candidate for the film would be Jessica Chastain, who has too many films this year to dial out of the conversation.

I suppose the conversation could dwell between this, "The Help", and "The Tree of Life", but how the hell are we going to get people to rally under a single one of those? "50/50", on the other hand, has only one possibility in the cards, and that's for Joseph Gordon-Levitt. With heavyweights like Michael Shannon in the pot, how much of an impact can he really make? True, the odds are considerably against him, but don't write him off so immediately. If nothing else, you can expect some sort of Golden Globes traction. Unless Robert Downey Jr. steals it away from him for "Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows". I kind of doubt it, though.

"Take Shelter"
Strong Possibilities: Best Actor (Michael Shannon)
Potential Causes: Best Supp. Actress (Jessica Chastain)

Potential Causes: Best Actor (Joseph Gordon-Levitt)

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