Monday, October 3, 2011

For Your Anticipation: Mansions Full of Flowers

The western genre has really been taking a hit lately, with "Cowboys and Aliens" proving to be a flop this summer, and "Jonah Hex" the last. "True Grit" is the strongest case for the survival of the genre, having really hit with audiences at the close of last year. I have more than considerable doubts "Blackthorn" will find a similar audience. Trailers for the film paint it as an obvious and simple-minded western with little to no conflict or interest. Why bring it up at all? It's coming out this week, apparently. The fact that it's coming out to limited theaters makes it even less prevalent.

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  1. Yeah. We seen some westerns that are great and others that just seem to be like others. I guess it's good to follow reviews:) Thanks for the tips! We got a lot out of it.