Friday, October 28, 2011

"Fringe" Previ... Aw, Damn It!

And here I thought I was leaving last night in a genuinely good place. The Rangers were winning, which in any other case I wouldn't care about. But in this particular case, it meant that "Fringe" was likely to take place as scheduled. But NO!!!! St. Louis had to go ahead and ruin that one, didn't they? So, yeah. "Fringe" won't be returning tonight. It's on hold for another unbearable week because of baseball. This is why I hate sports. They distract from more important things in the world. They're as degenerative to the medium of television as "reality shows" are. But now I'll have to find a way to numb the loneliness, probably by heading back to earlier seasons. Say! Why don't you do the same, and we can touch base having both an idea of what the hell I'm talking about!

And this'll embitter you until then.

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